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Founded in 2015, our company emerged with a clear purpose of providing comprehensive filtration, separation, and purification services and solutions exclusively to the Energy Market in Southern Africa.

From the very beginning, our main goal was to offer turnkey solutions that address the unique needs and challenges faced by this industry.

With a remarkable track record of 100% success and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Filtration Management Solutions swiftly established itself as the leading provider of oil purification field services in South Africa. We take immense pride in our ability to consistently deliver top-notch results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Mission

Empower our partners and customers with the desire, skill, products and services to realise the commercial, technical and environmental benefits of clean oil and diesel.

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To never make excuses

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cannot be done

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Contamination Control Strategy

Contamination Control Strategy
Contamination Control Strategy
Contamination Control Strategy
Contamination Control Strategy
Contamination Control Strategy

Ultra Clean, Premium Quality Diesel

FMS Diesel
FMS Diesel
FMS Diesel
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Benchmark Assessment

  • Storage & Handling
  • Equipment Maintainability
  • Lubricant Maintainability
  • Oil Monitoring
  • Training, skill standards and certification

Contamination Control Strategy

  • Based on Benchmark Assessment
  • Set Targets, Take Action, Measure Results
  • Phased Approach
  • Installation, Commissioning, Training and Validation

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How can FMS assist in your process success?

What our clients say

Fluidlink logo
Gustav Groenewald​​

Fluidlink APM Manager

In the complex, high-pressure plant maintenance and reliability environment, the implications of unplanned outages and unforeseen, often complex repair work, are a risk not worth taking.

That’s why having comprehensive asset performance management (APM) and reliability strategies in place that adequately address your unique plant environment are vital to long-term productivity and profitability. As an end-to-end reliability partner, the Engen Fluidlink APM team has partnered with Filtration Management Solutions to find customised economical solutions that address our customers specific challenges. FMS has been key in our success implementing Contamination Control programs and always deliver high quality products with professional service on time.

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