DirtCatcher® elements from Schroeder offer a superior alternative to inside-out filtration. The patented outer shell prevents contaminants from falling back into the system during element changes while still providing the excellent dirt retention of Excellement® media. DirtCatcher® elements are currently available in single and double length K, BB, and 18L size elements, and feature Excellement® media within.

Currently, DirtCatcher® elements can be purchased separately or as part of our RT, KF3, KF8, BFT, and LRT filter assemblies.

The DirtCatcher® solution provides peace of mind to those concerned with dirt escaping from elements during the removal process while delivering all the advantages of Schroeder original (outside-in flow) elements:
▪ Better Pressure Drop
▪ Greater Surface Area
▪ Better Pleat Stability

This design is only available from Schroeder. It goes without saying that DirtCatcher’s unique design also allows OEM’s to retain 100% of after-market business.

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