Filtration Group 2-Stage for Lubricating Oil Filtration

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Filtration Group Filter Elements

Filtration Group 2-Stage for Lubricating Oil Filtration

The filtration Group 2-stage filter element with the unique Premium Select element structure, with integrated reliable bypass valves and the sturdy safety insert is used as for gear oil filtration wind turbine plants. These filter elements are used in the oil filter modules Pi 8300 and the low-pressure filters Pi 260.

The filter element is the central component in which the filtration process takes place.

The 2-stage filter elements used for lubricating oil filtration in wind turbines are a combination of depth filter (1st filter stage – glass fibre) and surface filter (2nd filter stage – wire mesh).

The direction of flow through the 2-stage filter elements is from outside to inside. The first filter stage (1), the multilayer star-pleated depth filter is responsible for the prescribes purity class being achieved. Inside the first filter stage, the protection filter (2) is installed in such a way that only filtered oil is allowed to flow into the gearbox.

There are 2 operating modes, normal mode and bypass mode.

Standard Bypass Mode

Normal mode:
The bypass valves (3) in the upper end plate are closed so that the unfiltered oil flows through the 1st filter stage (1), the depth filter. Then the pre-filtered oil flows through the 2nd filter stage (2), the surface filter.

Bypass mode:
With a lubrication system cold start, the viscosity of the lubricating oil (ISO VG 320) can be so high that the pressure built up at the filter element is high enough to open the bypass valves (3). This means that part of the unfiltered oil flows past the first filter stage (1) and gets into the inside of the 2-stage filter element unfiltered and flows through the second filter stage (2). This guaranteed that the wind turbine gearbox is always supplied with filtered oil.

Benefits of the Filtration Group 2-Stage for Lubricating Oil Filtration

  • Filter elements with two filtration stages for the filtration of lubricating in wind turbine gearboxes.
  • Unique, multiplayer Filtration Group Premium Select (PS) folding star-shape filter design made of chemically and thermally resistant materials.
  • Filter performance that fits like a glove: A force-fit fixing fleece material presses the folding star-shape tight to the supporting body and fixes the folds in place in such a way as to prevent block formation. At the same time, the fixing fleece takes over a pre-filter function.
  • Progressive structure: The degree of fineness of the glass fibre material decreases from the inside of the outside, combining the advantages of a depth filter with those of a large effective filtering surface. The result: greater dirt pick-up capacity even at lower pressure loss in conjunction with a defined discharging rate (multipass test in compliance with ISO 16889).
  • Supporting fibre on both sides made of high-quality stainless steel ensures the high rigidity of the folding star-shape.
  • Chemical resistance is guaranteed by the use of high-grade stainless-steel wire mesh.
  • Supporting body and end plates are made of materials free of chromium VI.
  • Suitable for universal use for hydraulic and lubricating fluids, fuels, aqueous media and synthetic fluids.
  • Low initial differential pressure.
  • Version for Filtration Group filter housing, as alternative elements in the dimensions of other manufacturers and in customer-specific designs.
  • High differential pressure stability and dirt pick-up capacity of the elements.


Product Specs
Filtration Group 2-Stage for Lubricating Oil Filtration

Folding star-shape
Pleated (Star-pleated)
Direction of flow
Outside to inside
End plates and supporting tubes
Free from chromium VI
Resistance to collapse
30 bar
Operating temperature range
-10 °C to +120 °C
Epoxy resin


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