1135 L/min
415 bar


Benefits and Features:


  • Horizontal alignment allows straight-through flow, maximizing efficiency and minimizing pressure drop
  • Propriety synthetic media designed specifically for the mining industry. Excellement-MDTM provides level of filtration not achievable using alternative wire mesh elements because of their lack of absolute ratings
  • Two-inch BSPP ports are easily adaptable to Super Stecko fittings commonly used underground
  • Stainless steel bypass valve that ensures smooth integration with 95/5 fluid
  • Non-bypassing version available with high crush (4500 psid) cleanable metal mesh (25 micron) element
Filter Housing Specifications:


Flow Rating: 1135 L/min for use with 95/5 fluids

Max Operating Pressure: 415 bar

Min yield pressure: 1240 bar, per NFPA T2.6.1

Rated fatigue pressure: 310 bar, per NFPA T2.6.1-R1-2005

Temperature Range: -29°C to 107°C

Bypass Setting:

Cracking: 3.4 bar
LWN60 non-bypassing model available with high crush element

Porting Cap: Steel

Housing: Steel

Weight: 250 kg

Element  Change Clearance: 864 mm


Fluid Compatibility:


95/5 fluids: Specifically designed for use with 95/5 fluids applications

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