Hydac Air Cooler AC-LN 1-7

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HYDAC AC-LN 1-7 air coolers can be used in all areas where either oil or water-glycol is to be cooled with air. The coolers with an axial fan can be used in the return line as well as in the bypass flow.

The wide range of accessories and optional versions mean that the coolers can be adapted flexibly to various applications.

HYDAC Air Cooler AC-LN 1-7 can also be used in the bypass flow by attaching a pump. An additional filter enables continuous filtration of the medium.

  • Large product range
  • Large cooling performance range
  • Modular design


Product Specs

Fluids: Oils (mineral, synthetic, high viscosity, biological, phosphate ester); Water-glycol; HFC pressure fluids


  • AC-LN: 2,000 mm2/s (standard)
  • ACA-LN / ACAF-LN: See technical data

Temperature range: Min./Max. ambient temperature: -20 C to + 40 C (standard)

Pressure resistance: Dynamic operating pressure: 16 bar; Static operating pressure: 21 bar

  • Axial fan in suction version (standard)
  • Axial fan in pushing version on request (note: approx.. 10% less cooling capacity)


  • Three-phase motor
  • Efficiency class IE2 (only 0.75 kW)
  • Protection class IP55
  • Insulation class F
  • Other versions on request


ErP: The fan unit of the AC-LN corresponds to the minimum efficiency levels specified in the Ecodesign directive or ErP Directive (Energy-related products) 2009/125/EC.

Pump (only ACA-LN/ACAF-LN):

  • ACA-LN / ACAF-LN 2-3: screw pump
  • ACA-LN / ACAF-LN 4-5-6: vane pump
  • ACA-LN / ACAF-LN 7: screw pump with separate motor

Operating pressure:

  • Max. 10 bar (screw pump)
  • Max. 6 bar (vane pump)
  • Negative suction pressure of the pump: max. -0.4 bar

Noise level: See technical data AC-LN and ACA-LN / ACAF-LN. The noise levels are only reference values as the acoustic properties of a room, connections and reflection have an effect on the noise level.


  • Integrated pressure bypass valve (IBP) or integrated thermal pressure bypass valve (IBT)
  • Thermostats
  • Air filter grid or air filter mat
  • Vibration damper