Hydac Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger HEX Series

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HYDAC HEX series plate heat exchangers can maintain the fluid temperature at a very low and stable level – depending on the temperature of coolant. Brazed heat exchangers therefore ensure efficient heat transfer combined with compact dimensions and low weight.


Brazed heat exchangers consist of a stack of stamped heat transfer plates with connections in stainless steel. The plates have smoothed edges and the end plate is provided with edge protection.

The special stamp pattern of the plates induces a turbulent flow which is necessary for optimum heat transfer and which in addition has self-cleaning effect because the high level of wall friction reduces deposits on the surface.

Product Specs

Plate material: Stainless steel 1.4401 (AISI 316)

Braze material: Copper (standard), nickel


  • Copper braze: max. 30 bar (test pressure 45 bar)
  • Nickel braze: max. 10 bar
  • Other pressures on request



  • Hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, rolling oil, engine oil
  • HFC, HFA, HFD, pressure fluids
  • Water, water glycol
  • Refrigerant
  • Use nickel-brazed plate heat exchangers with corrosive fluids: e.g. ammonia, sulphides and sulphates, deionised or demineralised water.
  • Other fluids on request

Temperature range: up to 200 °C (freezing point and boiling point must be taken into consideration)


  • The quantity of particles in suspension should be less that 10 mg/l
  • Particle size <0.6 mm (spherical)
  • Thread-like particles cause a rapid rise in pressure drop


Water quality: The following ions are not corrosive under normal conditions: Phosphate, nitrate, nitrate, manganese, sodium and potassium.


  • Female thread (standard)
  • Optional: male thread, soldered connection, SAE connection


  • Installation: HYDAC clamping bands (standard), optional: bolts on the front plate or the end plate
  • Insulation