HYDAC FAM 10 Oil Purifier

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HYDAC FAM 10 Oil Purifier

The HYDAC FAM 10 Oil Purifier / FluidAqua Mobil FAM 10 series operates on the principle of vacuum dewatering to eliminate free and dissolved water as well as free and dissolved gases from hydraulic and lubrication fluids. Since it uses HYDAC offline filter element technology with its high contamination retention capacity and filtration efficiency, the unit is extremely economical.

All units have an AquaSensor AS1000 for continuous monitoring of the water content and for controlling the unit. A particle sensor CS1000 can also be supplied as an option for simultaneous monitoring of solid particle contamination. To increase the dewatering capacity, for high viscosity fluids or for low fluid temperatures, an integrated heater is provided. The Siemens S7 series of programmable logic control (PLC) in combination with a Siemens control panel guarantees simple and reliable operation in many languages.

Benefits of the FluidAqua Mobil FAM 10 Oil Purifier
Extremely low residual water levels, gas levels and particle contamination in the operating fluids make for:

  • Longer oil change intervals
  • Improved component service life
  • Greater machine availability
  • Reduction in the LifeCycle Cost (LCC)


HYDAC FAM 10 Oil Purifier / FluidAqua Mobil FAM 10

Flow rates at 50 Hz
≈ 10 l/min (FAM-10), ≈ 15 l/min (FAM-10/15)
Flow rates at 60 Hz
≈ 12 l/min (FAM-10), ≈ 18 l/min (FAM-10/15)
Permitted fluids**
Fluids compatible with NBR seals: lMineral oils to DIN 51524 lGear oils to DIN 51517, 51524

Fluids compatible with FKM (Viton®) seals: lSynthetic esters (HEES) DIN 51524/2 lVegetable oils (HETG, HTG) lHFD-R fluids (not for pure phosphate ester which requires EPDM seals).

Fluids compatible with EPDM seals: lAviation phosphoric acid esters e. g. Skydrol® or Hyjet®

Viscosity range
15 to 800 mm²/s
Sealing material
see model code
Filter size of fine filter
Filter elements of fine filter xxx= Filtration rating
N5DMxxx (please order separately.)
Contamination retention capacity to ISO 4572
200 g
Clogging indicator
VM 2 C.0
Setting pressure of differential pressure clogging indicator
2 bar
Pump type, filtration unit
Vane pump
Pump type, drainage pump
Gear pump
Pump type, vacuum pump
Rotary vane vacuum pump
Operating pressure
max. 4.5 bar
Max. permitted pressure at suction port (without suction hose)
-0.2 to +1 bar
Fluid temperature range**
10 to 80°C
Ambient temperature **
10 to 40°C
Electrical power consumption FAM 10 / 10/15 *
standard: ≈ 1800/2000 W with heater: ≈ 4700/4900 W
External fuse required
16 A or 32 A (see Model code) for circuit breakers with trip characteristics type C
Heating output (optional)
≈ 2900 W only for 3 phase version
Protection class
IP 54
Power cable, length
10 m
Hoses, length
5 m
Material of hoses
see model code
INLET connection
see “FAM Connection summary”
OUTLET connection
see “FAM Connection summary”
Weight when empty
≈ 300 kg
Achievable residual water content
100 ppm – hydraulic and lubrication oils
50 ppm – turbine oils (ISO VG 32/46)
10 ppm – transformer oils ***

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