RMF Systems VariPure

RMF Systems VariPure is the most advanced filter trolley for clean oil transfer and off-line filtering of hydraulic and lubricating fluids.  The VariPure has a sturdy powder coated ergonomically designed frame, large puncture proof tires for easy manoeuvring on all floor surfaces.  The unit has a large removable drip tray, the tray prevents spills and is easy to empty.  A sturdy steel gear pump offers an efficient pumping source, the pump has a broad viscosity range 12 – 800 cSt which allows a variety of fluids to be pumped.  An internal safety valve in the pump protects the unit from over pressuring.

The pump flow is controlled by means of a frequency controller which allows the RPM of the electric motor to be adjusted to the desired level with the corresponding oil flow.  The VariPure holds two 60G fibre glass elements and offers a diverse choice of elements, ranging from 1 micron to 12 micron.  Water absorbing elements are offered in 1 & 5 micron size.  The filters are equipped with a visual electrical pressure difference gauge / switch which shows filter saturation and automatically shuts down the unit when filter elements reach their maximum Δp.

Sample points for particle counter and bottle sampling are provided.

  • Automotive industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Various industrial applications
  • Power generation


  • Reduces solid particle contamination
  • Maintains excellent cleanliness levels
  • Reduces water contamination
  • Reduces machine downtime
  • Reduces oxidation of the oil
  • Extends machines useful life
  • Reduces cost of ownership


Product Specs

Flow rate: 18,5 – 50 l/min (750 – 2,000 rpm)
Max. oil temperature: 100 °C
Seal material: FPM (Viton)
Max. pressure filter housing: 20 bar
Suction & return hose: 3 meter
Suction & return pipe: 1 meter
Electric cable: 15 meter
Viscosity range: 12 – 800 cSt
Nominal power rating electric motor: 0,75 kW Power rating may change when using different voltage
Suitable elements: 60G series in 1; 3; 6 and 12 micron / 60A series in 1 & 5 micron
Pump safety: 6 bar
Fluid compatibility: Hydraulic fluid according to ISO 2943
Approx. weight: 115 kg
Prefilter: 100 micron

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