284 L/min
415 bar


Benefits and Features:


  • Top-ported high pressure filter
  • High cyclic fatigue performance (6000 psi)
  • Available with non-bypass option with high collapse element
  • Offered in pipe, SAE straight thread, flange and ISO 228 porting
  • Thread on bowl with optional drain plug for easy element service
Filter Housing Specifications:


Flow Rating: 284 L/min for 150 SUS (32 cSt) fluids

Max Operating Pressure: 415 bar

Min yield pressure: 1241 bar, per NFPA T2.6.1

Rated fatigue pressure: 415 bar, per NFPA T2.6.1-R1-2005 (only with F20 4-bolt flange porting)

Temperature Range: -29°C to 107°C

Bypass Setting:

Cracking: 3.4 bar
Full Flow: 5.7 bar
Non-bypassing model has a blocked bypass

Porting Head: Ductile Iron

Element Case: Steel

Weight of CTF60-5CT: 11.4 kg
Weight of CTF60-8CT:
13.2 kg
Weight of CTF60-14CT:
17.3 kg

Element  Change Clearance: 103 mm


Fluid Compatibility:


High Water Content: All Z-Media® (synthetic)

Invert Emulsions: 10 and 25 μ Z-Media® (synthetic)

Water Glycols: 3, 5, 10 and 25 μ Z-Media® (synthetic)

Phosphate Esters:All Z-Media® (synthetic) with H (EPR) seal designation

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