Water can cause a host of contamination problems in hydraulic and lubrication systems. It can exist in a system in a dissolved state or in a free state. In a dissolved state, the fluid is holding the water. In a free state, the water is above the specific saturation point of the fluid, and thus cannot dissolve or hold more
water. A mild discoloration of the fluid generally indicates that a free water condition exists in the system.

Schroeder’s uniquely designed water removal elements employ a quick-acting water-absorbent polymer, capable of holding over 400 times its own weight in water. These elements are ideal for in-line use, re-circulating filter systems, or in portable filtration carts.

Water retention is positive, even under high pressure, so there is no downstream unloading. However, water retention capacity is dependent on the type of fluid and additives present in a system, its viscosity and its flow rate. As a result, retention capacity may be diminished by some additives present in the system, by a high viscosity, or a high flow rate.

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