Transformer Oil Purification

HTP070 Purifier for Dielectric Fluids

Application AreasTransformer Oil Purification
The HTP070 purifier permits treatment of the oil in a power transformer, while on-line and on-load. This method is called transformer oil purification.

The ‘PALL’ HTP070 oil purifier removes water, solid particles, air and other gases present in the dielectric fluids.

The operation of the HTP070 purifier is based on the principle of vacuum dehydration combined with fine filtration to remove particulate contamination.

The purifier is designed to treat power transformers while on load. It is an integrated unit consisting of a mobile purifier unit mounted on wheels, and incorporates an isolation system and has connection accessories.

In addition to on-load treatment of transformer oil purification, the purifier can be used for the treatment of bulk fluid.

The nature and detrimental effects of contamination in power transformers
Excessive contamination is detrimental to the optimal performance of power transformers.

This contamination, whether liquid or solid, degrades the dielectric performance of the transformer insulating materials.

In addition, the water, which is a product of the decomposition of the cellulose insulation under thermal stress, is also a factor in accelerated ageing of the insulation paper.

Technical Information

Typical specification for a new transformer

Water content at 20°C:
< 10 ppm

Particle count according to ISO 4406:
< 12/10

Particle count according to NAS 1638:
< 4

Dielectric strength:
> 75 kV

It is absolutely essential to keep the overall contamination level of the transformer oil in service at low levels to ensure the dielectric strength of the oil and to minimise the risk of transformer breakdown.

The table above shows typical values for a new transformer. They must be adapted to suit the type of transformer, its age, and technology.

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