Filtration Management Solutions – FMS utilizes the best in filtration, separation and purification technologies, Pall Corporation. With a broad range of products and services, Pall continually demonstrates its ability to solve contamination issues, improve fluid quality and increase customers’ profitability by optimizing the performance and reliability of their plant’s equipment and enhancing their processes.

What is Total Cleanliness Management?

FMS implements and follows a program developed by Pall called TCM. This program helps customers maintain specified fluid cleanliness levels throughout their manufacturing process. TCM is the integration of products and services that optimize productivity, reliability, quality, safety, and environmental protection to reduce overall operating costs and improve efficiencies.

Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS)

Pall has built a global organization of over 150 scientists and engineers who are experts in their fields to supply specialized services to our customers around the globe. Our laboratories are also equipped with the latest analytical equipment. We can therefore support complex contamination and filtration concerns. Our SLS team constantly evaluates new separation technologies and products using industry-accepted standards.

Fluid Analysis Services

FMS offers scheduled oil analysis programs that are typically used by predictive maintenance departments. Our specialists will work with you to establish sampling frequency, cleanliness targets, and fundamental oil analysis requirements. Fluid analysis can be the single most effective tool to monitor the health of lube and hydraulic systems. Filtration Management Solutions principal on fluid analysis is in general very simple.  What you do not measure, you cannot monitor, therefore you cannot manage.

Equipment Surveys & Consultation

FMS routinely conducts plant surveys to understand the performance of existing equipment and to identify opportunities for process or equipment improvements. Our experienced personnel will also document existing equipment, operating conditions, performance. In addition we document other relative data to determine if improvements or upgrades are needed. A technical report will be issued documenting our findings and recommendations for improvement.

Contamination Control Seminars

FMS can help also improve plant personnel’s knowledge of contamination control and filtration. Through cost-effective, on-site seminars focusing on the fundamentals of filtration. In these sessions, FMS provides detailed descriptions of the impact of contaminants on system performance and reliability and supports its findings through data obtained by independent studies. To meet customer needs we will customize seminars.

Process Audits

The purpose of a process audit is to understand the performance of existing equipment and analyze the ingression of contamination and its effect on the product or process. In today’s business climate, product quality and resource management are also of vital importance. Plants are increasingly moving towards zero discharge and efficient utilization of natural resources is critical.

Commissioning and Flushing

FMS provides flushing, monitoring, and consulting services during plant overhauls and system flushes on a regular basis. With FMS’s fleet of filtration, separation and purification equipment, monitoring equipment, and field expertise, customers are able to get back online faster and therefore more efficiently. This generally speaking saving valuable time and money. The result is greater output and therefore better operating profits.