Checkfluid Breather Mount

Fluid Management

Checkfluid Breather Mount

Features of the Checkfluid Breather Mount

  • Optional desiccant breather offers better filtration to protect against moisture and particulates that can destroy your system.
  • Optional high flow sampling valve allows you to get reliable oil samples directly from the active oil zone – sampling range 0 – 125 psi.
  • Optional vent line and Filter Minder connection.
  • Add an Oil Mist Coalescer (OMC) with a 5” stainless pipe riser which helps elevate the desiccant breather and minimize premature clogging of the desiccant breather.
  • Port thread adapter or 6-bolt flange provides a variety of options to fit most gearboxes/reservoirs.
  • Fill/filter quick connect in a wide range of styles and sizes.
  • For gearboxes and reservoirs.


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