Checkfluid Drum / Tote Adapter

Fluid Management

Checkfluid Drum / Tote Adapter

Features of the Checkfluid Drum / Tote Adapter

  • For Drums and Totes.
  • Clean your new/stored oil.
    • Cleanly connect your drum or tote to your filtration system to filter your new/stored oil.
    • Optional flush face coupling provide a better option that keeps the work area cleaner.
  • Monitor your new/stored oil.
    • High flow sampling valve option allows you to continually check on your oil without opening the drum up to external contamination.
    • Option desiccant breather provides additional protection from moisture and particulate contamination.
    • Secure connection prevents the entry of dirt and moisture.
  • Transfer your new/stored oil.
    • Cleanly connect to transfer containers via quick connects.
    • Closed transfer system reduces the risk of contaminants getting in.


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