Des-Case Fluid Handling Dedicated Filtration

Des-Case High Pressure Filter Canisters

The Des-Case High Pressure Filter Canisters are designed for compressors and high pressure equipment, these canisters provide constant contamination control for low flow and low viscosity circumstances.

Benefits of Des-Case High Pressure Filter Canisters

  • Ideal for screw compressors, high pressure pumps, and other high-pressure applications to obtain very low ISO cleanliness levels.
  • 150 or 300psi options
  • Foot mounted or wall mounted
  • Eyebolts for easy lifting
  • Works with varied sizes of high capacity microfiber glass, depth, and water removal elements


Product Specs

Standard Filter Media Within Canisters
Wound Cellulose Depth Media

Features Include:

  • High-efficiency filtration at very low micron levels (≤1 micron)
  • Ideal for filtering petroleum-based fluids
  • Performance to ß<3(c)=1000 (per ISO 16889)
  • Dirt holding capacity up to 10lbs per element
  • Absorbs up to 1 gallon of water per element*
  • Moisture levels 50ppm

*Removes water but is not the recommended filter for high water applications.

Filter Media For HP300-1000 Canister
Full Flow Filter Element

Features Include:

  • High holding capacity
  • High-efficiency filtration with low pressure drop
  • Epoxy-coated steel support mesh upstream and downstream
  • Performance to ß<3(c)=1000 (per ISO 16889)
  • Excellent chemical compatibility


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