Des-Case Fluid Handling Lubricant Storage & Handling

Des-Case Mobile Utility Cart

The Des-Case Mobile Utility Cart is the latest offering in fluid storage and handling products to improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life. This 3-in-1 mobile system combines filtration, storage, and handling in one simple solution to keep your lubricants clean and dry.

With the ability to deliver multiple oil types to multiple assets, the Des-Case Mobile Utility Cart is like a portable filtration system, transfer container, and lube room all rolled into one!

Benefits of the Des-Case Mobile Utility Cart

  • Heavy-duty cart with industrial powder-coated paint
  • Removable storage tray for IsoLink™ oil transfer containers
  • Oil catch pans
  • Automatic pump pressure relief valve
  • Dual-stage filtration
  • Non-bypass filter heads which prevent particles from passing by when the filters reach maximum saturation
  • Dedicated pump and motor per tank
  • Desiccant breathers for tanks
  • HDPE tanks in 35 or 65-gallon volumes
  • 12’ hose assemblies with various hose-end connections
  • 25ft cords (for electric motors only)
  • One-year warranty

Product Specs

For filtering mineral-based industrial oils and most synthetic oils with a maximum operating viscosity range of ISO VG 680 (3000 ssu/648 cSt) at 100°F/38°C within ambient temperature ranges of -15–104°F (-26–40°C)


  • Cart: Carbon steel
  • Tank: HDPE
  • Paint: Industrial powder coat
  • Filter heads: Aluminum
  • Fittings: Zinc-plated steel and/or brass
  • Pumps: Aluminum/steel
  • Hoses: Clear PVC with steel wire
  • Gaskets: Buna-N


Filter Indicators

  • Filter indicator pops at 22 psid (1.55 bar) as warning that filter elements need to be replaced.


Pump Relief

  • Opens at 65 psi (5.49 bar)


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