Des-Case Single Length VaporGuard Oil Mist Adapter

Oil Mist Adapters

Des-Case Single Length VaporGuard Oil Mist Adapter

Solving the Problem

  • The oil saturated air breather is removed from the vent port on the bearing housing.
  • The Des-Case Single Length VaporGuard Oil Mist adapter is threaded directly into the female vent port.
  • A new air filter is then turned into the top port of the oil mist adapter.
  • The migrating vapors continue to condense back into oil, but now they are contained inside the adapter.
  • The air, purged of oil mist by VaporGuard, can now exit through the vent port without contaminating the air filter.
  • The oil mist that condensed inside VaporGuard is uncontaminated and is returned to the bearing housing to continue lubricating the bearing.


How it Works

  • The cut-away on the right shows the construction of the VaporGuard™ oil mist adapter.
  • A central diffuser post is located inside a sealed aluminum containment chamber.
  • Migrating vapors are dispersed by the diffuser post, inside the containment chamber and condense back into liquid oil. The condensed oil builds and runs down to the bottom of the containment chamber where it collects as uncontaminated lubricating oil.
  • The condensate at the bottom of the containment chamber is continuously being channeled back into the bearing housing through bleed back holes located at the bottom of the diffuser post.
  • The complete diffuser post assembly can be easily removed from the oil mist adapter, inspected, cleaned and reinstalled for continued vapor control.
  • Oil contained within VaporGuard is oil that did not contaminate the air breather or the workplace around it.


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