RMF Systems ACL93R Refillable Desiccant Breather

RMF Systems ACL93R refillable desiccant breathers keep hydraulic and lubricating oils free from contamination and water.  Most fluid reservoirs must be able to breathe, thus allowing water vapour and solid contaminants to enter.  Temperature fluctuations in the reservoir will cause this water vapour to condense which will not only cause oxidations of the oil, but can also lead to considerable mechanical damage.

  • Reducing water contamination level prolongs the life of the additive package and reduces oxidation of the oil and bearing surfaces.
  • Eliminates rusting due to condensation.
  • Reduces machine downtime.
  • Extends the machine’s useful life.
  • Reduces cost of ownership.


Product Specs

Total weight: 0.9 kg

ZR gel volume: 300 cc

Water adsorption: 86 grams

Max. air flow: 700 l/min

Adsorption material: ZR gel 3-6 mm

ZR gel: Nontoxic

Operating temp: -40 – 90°C

Housing material: SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile)

Fluid compatibility:

  • Mineral oils (H, Hl, HLP, HLVP)
  • HEES Synthetic ester
  • Other fluids – Contact FMS


Connection: 3/4” BSP female

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