RMF Systems Giant Off-Line Unit – GOLU3C

RMF Systems Giant Off-Line Unit is also known as ‘‘The Giant”. The Giant’s filter housing is combined with a pump motor group and an electrical control box. this is an easy-to-use plug-and-play filter solution. It only requires electrical power, suction and return lines.

The Giant Off-line Filter Unit can be easily mounted to new and existing hydraulic installations. By means of an integrated pump-motor unit in the off-line filter, the oil is pumped from the reservoir through the filter unit and after filtering the oil is then returned to the tank. If required, elements are available in different micron sizes to suit any application. Water absorbing elements can also be applied.

The RMF Systems Giant Off-line Filter is especially designed for industrial hydraulic and lubrication systems. The pump is a cast steel low noise gear pump with a large viscosity range from 12 cSt – 800 cSt. Delta P indicator is standard in the delivery. A range of filter elements is available for the giant, running from 1 up to 25 micron. The filter elements have the capacity to remove even the smallest of dirt particles from the oil. When fitted with water absorbing elements, the reduced water contamination level prolongs the life of the additive package and reduces oxidation of the oil, components and bearing surfaces.

The Giant can be equipped with additional components for Condition Monitoring, such as the CMS (Contamination Monitoring System), the OQS (Oil Quality Sensor) and the OQD (Oil Quality Display). The electrical control box is already prepared for these additions. The CMS can report oil cleanliness levels in all international standard formats (8 channel sensor 4,6,14,21,25,38,50,70 μm(c)) If required the CMS can include the optional moisture and temperature sensor as to report water content in RH %.

The Giant can be used on hydraulic power units, lube and oil tanks, large gearboxes and storage tanks for biodegradable fluids. Industries that are successfully applying ‘The Giant’ include: steel industry, marine industry, automotive industry, pulp & paper industry.

In the hydraulic market it is an accepted fact that contamination causes 80% of all mechanical failures. This contamination results from the presence of solid particles such as metal, sand and rubber in oil. Water contamination can cause corrosion, metal surface fatigue, fluid breakdown and reduced lubricating film thickness.

  • Steel industry
  • Marine industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Pulp & Paper industry


  • Reduces solid particle contamination
  • Maintains excellent cleanliness levels
  • Reduces water contamination
  • Reduces machine downtime
  • Reduces oxidation of the oil
  • Extends machines useful life
  • Reduces cost of ownership


Product Specs

Dimensions (H X W X D): 1357 x 678 x 617 mm
Weight: ± 285 kg
Inlet & outlet connection: 3” SAE 3.000 psi/205 bar
Flow rate: Max. 470 l/min
Viscosity range: 12 – 800 cSt (Element dependent)
Pump safety valve: 16 bar
Filter element fineness: Fiber glass 1, 3, 6, 12, 25 micron
Water absorbing element: Super absorbent polymer, combined with fiber glass A6, A12
Unit seals: NBR

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