RMF Systems Off-Line Units – OLUH1B

RMF Systems radial micro filter units are characterised by their extremely efficient filter elements with a fineness of 0.5 micron. The Off-line filter units with pre-heating are developed specially for cold hydraulic and lubricating systems.

The electric pre-heating ensures that the cold and/or high viscosity fluid is brought to a temperature with a suitable filtration viscosity. Off-line filters with pre-heating can be applied to new or existing installations. The integrated pump-motor combination draws fluid from the reservoir, pumps it through a heating element, filters it and returns it to the tank. The heating is thermostat controlled and adjustable to any required fluid temperature. The heating is effected by a ‘flow-through’ principle, preventing ‘burning’ or thermal overloading of the oil.

The Heated Off-line filters can continue to work even when the main system is not in use. Element change can also be done without interfering the main system.


RMF Off-line filter units with pre-heating can be applied to any industrial application where it is necessary to heat the oil and maintain it at a particular temperature, such as hydraulically operated bridges and gear boxes in the wind power energy industry.

  • Extremely clean oil due to the high filtration efficiency β 0.5 >200, β 2 >2,330
  • Prevention of channel forming by radial filtration direction
  • Increased dirt holding capacity
  • Large water holding capacity
  • Compact and easy-maintenance design
  • Environmentally friendly elements
  • Longer usable life for oil and components


Product Specs

Filter housing material: Anodised Aluminium
Seal material: NBR or FPM (see ordering code)
Nominal flow: 2.9 l/min with 2kW heater (Consult FMS for 4kW heater & flows exceeding 2.9 l/min)
Standard max. oil temperature: 80 °C
Max. pressure filter housing: 20 bar
Inlet connection: ½” BSP female
Outlet connection: ½” BSP female
Heater capacity: 2 kW or 4 kW
Power supply electric motor: Various
Suitable filter elements: Cellulose and Glass Fiber
By-pass opening pressure: 6.2 bar (at 0 bar back pressure)
Pump safety valve: 15 bar
Max. tank volume: ± 2,700 l
Fluid compatibility: Hydraulic fluids according to ISO 2943
Approximate weight: 28.0 kg – 2 kW & 30.0 kg – 4 kW

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