RMF Systems Varnish Removal System

RMF’s Varnish Removal System combats a common problem for a wide range of hydraulic fluids and lubricants, especially in turbine and plastic injection moulding applications. Varnish in oil results in valve stiction, shorter fluid life, clogged system filters and unscheduled maintenance. The most complete varnish removal and prevention system on the market. It removes oxidation by-products and prevents varnish formation during the cooldown.

The formation of varnish begins with oxidation of the fluid. Wear particles and moisture generate oxidation. Those factors will react with hydraulic fluid resulting in degradation and rising Total Acid Number (TAN). The Varnish Removal System combines highly efficient varnish removal and oil quality monitoring in one modular system. The filter unit acts as a kidney loop, continuously circulating fluid through the filter media. In addition, an Oil Quality Sensor can be used to monitor oil degradation. The Varnish Removal System can be configured for applications with fluid volumes up to 36,000 litres.

  • Manufacturing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Power Generation
  • Steel
  • Mining


  • Removes soluble and insoluble varnish contaminants
  • Prolongs oil health by reducing additive consumption
  • Reduces and prevents servo valve sticking
  • Efficiently cleans the system without adding water or other by-products.


Product Specs

Nominal flow: 1 l/min per cartridge
Dirt holding capacity: 1,955 g
Water absorption: 2,6 litres
By-pass opening pressure: 5 bar
Pump safety valve: 15 bar
Fluid temperature: 20 °C to 80 °C
Power supply: Various
Inlet connection: Depending on pump selection
Outlet connection: ½” BSPP female
System seals: FPM (Viton)
Fluid compatibility: Mineral oil, synthetic easter, phosphate esters (for other fluids, please contact us)
Dimensions: Unit selection dependent
Weight: Unit selection dependent

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