Optimizing Hydraulic Systems

Combatting Contamination for Uninterrupted Operations

Thickener Drive Operating Environment

Thickeners, operating in both concentrate and tailings processes, are subjected to harsh environmental conditions, necessitating robust protection measures for crucial oil-lubricated components to ensure operational continuity and prevent potential disruptions.

Hydraulic Power Unit:  Responsible for the precise raising and lowering of the rake, the hydraulic power unit plays a critical role in responding to downstream issues, ensuring the smooth operation of the thickener.

Minimising Contamination in Hydraulic Systems.

Contamination ingress poses a significant threat to the efficiency and longevity of hydraulic systems, with vents and breather caps being primary entry points for particulate and moisture.  The detrimental impact of such contamination is evident, as up to 80% of machine wear can be attributed to particle ingress.  To address this critical issue, our modification kits offer comprehensive solutions to exclude atmospheric contamination from entering hydraulic systems.

  1. High-Efficiency Desiccant and Particulate (3 Micron) Breathers: Our modification kits are equipped with advanced desiccant and particulate breathers, boasting high efficiency in preventing the entry of moisture and particles as small as 3 microns. This ensures a cleaner and drier hydraulic reservoir and lubricant, significantly reducing the risk of contamination-related damage.
  2. Filter Clogging Indicators: The inclusion of filter clogging indicators enhances maintenance efficiency by providing timely alerts for necessary filter replacements, allowing for proactive management of contamination levels within the system.
  3. Quick Connect Fittings: Our kits feature quick connect fittings designed to facilitate clean and dry top-up procedures while the system is in operation, streamlining the process of replenishing hydraulic systems with minimal risk of introducing contaminants.
  4. Off-Line Filtration Options: Whether your requirements call for dedicated or periodic filtration, our modification kits offer the flexibility to integrate off-line filtration systems, empowering you to filter while the system is in operation thereby maintaining the target cleanliness level of <17/15/12 for hydraulic systems.



Before installation:

Before Installation

Thickener OEM Breather:

Thickener OEM Breather

After Installation:

Our modification kits offer a holistic approach to combating contamination ingress in hydraulic systems, providing the necessary tools to maintain cleanliness levels below industry standards. With these solutions in place, you can fortify your hydraulic systems against the pervasive threat of contamination, ensuring reliable performance and prolonged operational integrity.

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